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A Vacation from Social Media

There are lots of books, articles, and blogs popping up about people taking a digital detox – stepping away from so much screen time. I just returned from a 4-day trip to Grenada, in the Caribbean, for a quick girls’ … Continue reading

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Making a Global Connection

This is the first in a series of posts co-written by myself and Kristian Still (@KristianStill), an educator from the U.K. with whom I connected on Twitter.  You will learn more about each of us and how and why we … Continue reading

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Surrounded by Mindfulness Reminders

I must begin this post with an apology for anyone who received the accidental first draft of this post (with all of two words on it earlier this week!) via email or through the bad link on Twitter. My word … Continue reading

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Does your image match your beliefs?

Every once in awhile I like to make a word cloud of my blog. I posted two in January. The word cloud below was a summary of my entire blog. Below is today’s creation. This is a quick summary of the … Continue reading

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I often hear it referenced that you can make yourself happier, less stressed, if you make note of what you are grateful for on a regular basis. Today was a great day that I am truly grateful for, and I … Continue reading

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When Worlds Collide

This summer I am taking two non Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) courses in my doctoral program. We are studying Human Resources and School Law and Finance. When I took similar classes in my Master’s program, I had a … Continue reading

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Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 5

I enjoy sharing a quick list of the learning and leading (and some fun) “things” that are capturing my attention, sparking my curiosity, or pushing my thinking. I love reading Barb’s versions as well! I would love it if you … Continue reading

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