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Why Innovate? #IMMOOC

Thank you to George Couros, Katie Martin, and Dave Burgess for inspiring me (and hundreds of other educators!) to share reflections about innovation while we discuss The Innovator’s Mindset through the #IMMOCC. In the first week’s video, Dave charged educators … Continue reading

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Reflections on the value of a PLN

My first year of teaching I was blessed to work in a middle school where we worked on true interdisciplinary teams.  I was the Spanish and Civics teacher on the team and my colleagues taught Math, Science, and English; we … Continue reading

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Twitter Chats

I find Twitter chats to be so invigorating!  If I could, I would persuade every educator in the world to participate in at least one chat (lifetime goal!).  Because once you’ve experience one exciting chat, you are often hooked and … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. As the year continues to fly by, and I reflect on my mindfulness and gratitude, I have a lot for which to be thankful. My family, many of whom now live closer to … Continue reading

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Educoach Blogging Challenge

While scrolling through my tweetdeck column for #educoach, I saw a blogging challenge created by Kathy Perret. I love blogging and photo challenges because they force me to do what I enjoy on a more regular basis. I plan to … Continue reading

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I often hear it referenced that you can make yourself happier, less stressed, if you make note of what you are grateful for on a regular basis. Today was a great day that I am truly grateful for, and I … Continue reading

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Educational Hot Topics

During one of my recent classes we had an opportunity to hear from a lawyer who specializes in educational law, representing many California school districts. He shared his thoughts on some of educational hot topics related to the law and … Continue reading

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