Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 6

I love writing these posts because they force me to stop and think about what is making me happy as a learner and a leader. Similar to the idea of a happy file, I find these lists remind me of the reasons I am in education and the purpose and importance of our work. This week seemed to lend itself to technology-related leading and learning tools.

  • Infographics: I know this is not a brand new trend, but I am still loving infographics. I like reading and viewing them. It is a new kind of author’s craft to find the right words and graphics to tell a visual story. Recently I wanted to create my own infographic and I wasn’t sure where to start. So I turned to my helpful PLN and tweeted out the question. Within minutes I received the following helpful suggestions.   Stay tuned for my first infographic (to be posted with the final day of my Abecedary of Reflection).
  •  Google Drive: This is another tech-related tool that is not new to me or to most educators. However, I continue to learn new tricks that make my life even more efficient. For instance, while visiting a professional development workshop facilitated by two of my colleagues today (to support our 1:1 Chrome book initiative), I learned how easy it is to upload entire files from my desktop into my google drive. Life/time saving tip #1! I also learned to consider whether or not to upload files as their current state (i.e. PowerPoint or Microsoft Word) or to convert them to google docs. Life/ time saving tip #2. Even more powerful was witnessing 50 teachers spend the first day of their summer learning this and SO MUCH MORE during this PD!
  • Quick learning: While doing some homework for my law and finance doctoral class, I stumbled across information about the Vergara v. California court case, which for those of you who haven’t heard about it, as a suit brought by students to challenge three state statutes that relate to teacher tenure, dismissal, and seniority lists. Having never heard of this case before last week, I did some quick learning, using Twitter, YouTube, and a variety of educational list serves. In fact, when I knew the ruling was supposed to be delivered at 10:00 AM earlier this week, I turned to Twitter to read the verdict because the news outlets weren’t updating quickly enough. I appreciated the voices speaking on behalf of social justice, and equity for students of poverty and color in our school system.


What are you loving today?

How does technology help you lead and learn?

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About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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8 Responses to Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 6

  1. Jack Illingworth says:

    You are truly a media expert!

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