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Making a Global Connection

This is the first in a series of posts co-written by myself and Kristian Still (@KristianStill), an educator from the U.K. with whom I connected on Twitter.  You will learn more about each of us and how and why we … Continue reading

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I have written many posts on coaching.  I was a literacy coach in a previous position.  Most recently I left a position as a director who oversaw the instructional coaches at each of our district school sites.  I am passionate … Continue reading

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Reflections on the value of a PLN

My first year of teaching I was blessed to work in a middle school where we worked on true interdisciplinary teams.  I was the Spanish and Civics teacher on the team and my colleagues taught Math, Science, and English; we … Continue reading

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Five: A Survey

I read a number of healthy blogs.  Many of the bloggers I follow are friends and colleagues. When one of them publishes a cute blog survey, others quickly follow.  I have now read 4-5 versions of this survey and finally … Continue reading

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So Many Hashtags, So Little Time

How do you find and use hashtags on Twitter or Instagram? These days there are educational hashtags for: weekly chats slow chats districts schools grade levels content areas motivation mindset instructional strategies conferences professional development books and so much more! … Continue reading

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Strength-Based Coaching

The strength-based movement has been around for quite a while. It was at least ten years ago when I read the first Strength Finder book (after my principal at the time gave it to me as a gift). Since then, … Continue reading

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The Art of Questioning

One of the most critical skills a coach can learn and practice is the art of questioning. And it truly is an art when it comes to a teacher-coach relationship. There are all sorts of questions a coach can ask. … Continue reading

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Coaching Cycles

In my role, I support the instructional coaches that our district provides to each school site. This year we are focusing on in-depth coaching cycles in our professional learning to enhance the impact this role has on improving teaching and … Continue reading

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Educoach Blogging Challenge

While scrolling through my tweetdeck column for #educoach, I saw a blogging challenge created by Kathy Perret. I love blogging and photo challenges because they force me to do what I enjoy on a more regular basis. I plan to … Continue reading

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