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Blog Word Cloud 2019

What matters to you? How is that visible to others? How do you communicate your most important values and beliefs? In the past, I have generated a word cloud from my blog’s URL to see what words I use most … Continue reading

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Learning to Lead: A Self-Reflective Survey

I’ve read the book Learning Leadership by Kouzes and Posner twice now – once on my own and again as part of a book study with all the principals in my district. With each new reading, I take away a … Continue reading

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Teacher Leadership Academy

This is a blog co-written by a group of teachers who participated in the first Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA) in our district during the 2017-18 school year; I was one of the Amy administrators who created the TLA.  Teacher Leadership … Continue reading

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Empowered Leaders Empower Learners (#IMMOOC Season 3, Week 4)

I am participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with hundreds of other educators across the globe, about The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros. These are my reflections for Season 3, Week 3 of #IMMOOC, and the prompt: Relationships and collaboration … Continue reading

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Even More Quotes That Resonate

When I read I annotate my books by underlining key words and phrases and making notes in the margins. Sometimes I underline a quote that I just can’t stop thinking about. Here is another post in my series of quotes … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of the Boxes

I recently successful broke out of two Digital Breakout EDU games by myself! Having succeeded in my mission, I reflected on why this matters. These digital challenges were created by a colleague of mine who is very creative and is … Continue reading

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Five: A Survey

I read a number of healthy blogs.  Many of the bloggers I follow are friends and colleagues. When one of them publishes a cute blog survey, others quickly follow.  I have now read 4-5 versions of this survey and finally … Continue reading

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Question Week

Mark 13-19 is Question Week, according to Warren Berger.   I appreciate that the site’s goal is to elevate the art of questioning, because “asking good questions helps us identify the right problem and generate creative solutions”.  There are some … Continue reading

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Turning Talents into Strengths

Strengths are becoming a new theme on this blog.  Three years ago I wrote Coming from a place of strengths, about my reflections on my first Strength Finder experience.  A month ago I wrote Using your strengths at work .  When I wrote … Continue reading

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Fixed Mindset Painting

I am a HUGE proponent of Carol Dweck’s work around cultivating a growth mindset in schools. School cultures can benefit from a focused effort on this for students and adults. I have a growth mindset in many areas of my … Continue reading

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