Blog Word Cloud 2019

What matters to you? How is that visible to others? How do you communicate your most important values and beliefs?

In the past, I have generated a word cloud from my blog’s URL to see what words I use most often. I find this activity is a great way to see if my writing aligns with my core values, my beliefs, and what I hold most important to me.  In a word cloud, the words that appear larger are words that are used more frequently. I like to reflect on what words jump out to me as I look at a new word cloud.


blog word cloud 2019 jan

Blog Word Cloud January 2019

I love that reflection and reflections stand out to me in my first look. I am so happy to see my word of 2019, SHINE, sitting right in the bottom center. As I stare at this a bit, I see my word from last year, possibility, and I see Aguilar and resilience pop out.  Since my blog is all about leadership and learning and reflection, it’s important to me to see those words. Knowing the purpose of education, seeing students in the center keeps me grounded and focused. Words like book, reading, audiobook, and writing remind me of my personal hobbies and habits, and where I push myself to learn and grow.

I appreciate that this current look into my the words I use most often in my blog resonate with me.

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Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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