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Question Week

Mark 13-19 is Question Week, according to Warren Berger.   I appreciate that the site’s goal is to elevate the art of questioning, because “asking good questions helps us identify the right problem and generate creative solutions”.  There are some … Continue reading

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Turning Talents into Strengths

Strengths are becoming a new theme on this blog.  Three years ago I wrote Coming from a place of strengths, about my reflections on my first Strength Finder experience.  A month ago I wrote Using your strengths at work .  When I wrote … Continue reading

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Fixed Mindset Painting

I am a HUGE proponent of Carol Dweck’s work around cultivating a growth mindset in schools. School cultures can benefit from a focused effort on this for students and adults. I have a growth mindset in many areas of my … Continue reading

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Quotes That Resonate

I ended 2015 and entered 2016 determined to read more (and watch less bad TV!).  As I read, I highlight lines that stand out to me.  Below are a few quotes from my recent readings that resonated with me. “The way … Continue reading

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Using Your Strengths at Work

In an earlier post, Coming from a place of strengths, I wrote about my experiences taking the strength-finder quiz at least two times in my life. Two years later, I am reflecting on my strengths once again. Today I’m wondering how I … Continue reading

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Most Used Phrases

A year ago I wrote a post about the most used emoticons on my phone. As I continue to reflect on how my words and actions demonstrate my beliefs, I’m thinking about the phrases we use most often. Read any … Continue reading

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Yet Another Day in the Life {Summer Edition}

This is a glance at a typical day for a district administrator during the summer. As you will see, “summer” has a very different definition for those of us who work at the district office! I’m waiting to see one … Continue reading

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