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Knowledge Revisited

This morning I read this post about knowing and learning. Couros takes the ideas about fixed mindset (I don’t know) and growth mindset (I don’t know YET) and then adds in his innovator’s mindset (This is what I’ve created with … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of the Boxes

I recently successful broke out of two Digital Breakout EDU games by myself! Having succeeded in my mission, I reflected on why this matters. These digital challenges were created by a colleague of mine who is very creative and is … Continue reading

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Fixed Mindset Painting

I am a HUGE proponent of Carol Dweck’s work around cultivating a growth mindset in schools. School cultures can benefit from a focused effort on this for students and adults. I have a growth mindset in many areas of my … Continue reading

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My Word of 2016

Last year was the first year I picked a focus word for myself. I found the process of selecting my word, and the year spent focused on it, were beneficial. My goal last year was to find a word that … Continue reading

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“The idea of scaffolding has historical roots in psychology and social-learning theory, which describe scaffolding as structures, tools, and assistance from more knowledgeable others that allow learners to engage in practices beyond their independent capacity.”        While I’m … Continue reading

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Abundance Mentality

What is an abundance mentality? I first read about it in Leading Every Day: 124 Actions for Effective Leadership by Joyce Kaser, Susan Mundry, Katherine E. Stiles, and Susan Loucks-Horsley. “To engage in synergistic partnership requires that both parties value sharing … Continue reading

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Engaging the Unconnected

Over the last two years, I have read many blog posts, articles, and even some rants about unconnected educators. Why won’t they use social media? Don’t they know the benefits of being a connected learner? I’ve seen Twitter debates about … Continue reading

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