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Introverted Adventurer

Do you consider yourself an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert somewhere in between? I consider myself an introvert for the following reasons: Being in large crowds drains me of energy and I need alone, quiet time to recharge. I … Continue reading

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Turning Talents into Strengths

Strengths are becoming a new theme on this blog.  Three years ago I wrote Coming from a place of strengths, about my reflections on my first Strength Finder experience.  A month ago I wrote Using your strengths at work .  When I wrote … Continue reading

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Introverts are People Too!

I publicly declared myself an Ambivert in a past post. While I still believe that there are elements of both introversion and extroversion in all of us, after a few recent experiences, some reading, and reflecting on my personality, I would like to amend … Continue reading

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Hi. My name is Amy. I am an ambivert. I first heard the term ambivert last March as the ASCD annual conference. Daniel Pink shared his research about people who have traits of both introverts and extroverts. I was immediately struck … Continue reading

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ASCD by the tweets

It’s been a week since I attended the ASCD national conference in Los Angeles. I haven’t had a spare moment to write any deep reflections on what I heard, so I thought I would recap some of my favorite moments … Continue reading

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