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Introverted Adventurer

Do you consider yourself an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert somewhere in between? I consider myself an introvert for the following reasons: Being in large crowds drains me of energy and I need alone, quiet time to recharge. I … Continue reading

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Unsolicited Feedback

Have you ever received unsolicited feedback?  If you are a living, breathing human who interacts with real people (or internet trolls), I’m sure you have!  Recently a friend of my received some unsolicited feedback that was so rude it was … Continue reading

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Observing lessons as an instructional coach

When I first became a coach, I was unsure what exactly I should write down during an observation. Over time, my coaching skills improved and I began to work with teachers on their own personal focus area. For instance, if … Continue reading

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The Coach ADVenture is out!

I’m honored to share that my book came out today!  The Coach ADVenture: Building Powerful Instructional Leadership Skills that Impact Learning is meant to be a guide for all educators, in any role. Every educator can be a leader and an … Continue reading

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