The Coach ADVenture is out!

I’m honored to share that my book came out today!  The Coach ADVenture: Building Powerful Instructional Leadership Skills that Impact Learning is meant to be a guide for all educators, in any role. Every educator can be a leader and an instructional coach, with the right skills.  The fun part of this book is that you can choose which ADVenture to follow.


There are two educator’s stories woven throughout the book.  Mr. Fox is an elementary principal with no instructional coaching skills when we first meet him.  Ms. Martinez is a high school principal with a wealth of instructional leadership experience and a challenging team to lead.  Each of their coaching ADVentures follows a different path through the book.  You can join either of them on their journey or you can read from front to back as you enhance your own skill set.

I cannot wait for educators to read this book and put the ideas into practice because I truly believe that students and staff will be positively impacted.  If you read the book, or if you want to hear about the book, please join our community using the #CoachADV hashtag to share successes, challenges, and support.  Consider visiting my website for additional coaching resources. I look forward to interacting with our coaching community as we learn and grow together.

The Coach ADVenture: Building Powerful Instructional Leadership Skills that Impact Learning is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



About Amy's Reflections

Director of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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2 Responses to The Coach ADVenture is out!

  1. Franco Orci says:

    You are truly inspiring Ms. Illingworth. You left an impact on me as your 8th student. Now you continue to change the world. Thank you for being so awesome!
    your favorite 8th grade student,
    Frankie Orci

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