So Many Hashtags, So Little Time

How do you find and use hashtags on Twitter or Instagram?

hashtag-850363_960_720 CC licensed image

These days there are educational hashtags for:

  • weekly chats
  • slow chats
  • districts
  • schools
  • grade levels
  • content areas
  • motivation
  • mindset
  • instructional strategies
  • conferences
  • professional development
  • books
  • and so much more!

I use Tweetdeck to keep up with the hashtags that mean a lot to me. However, after reading a blog post by Chris Lehmann, I took some time to reflect on what my Tweetdeck represented. The main hashtags I follow represent a lot of people doing the same work that I do, with similar beliefs.

As I scrolled through Twitter, looking to diversify my viewing options, I was shocked to find hashtag after hashtag after hashtag, full of motivational or fun conversations, that had never come across my screen (at least not when I was actually looking at it!). I know that there are millions of people on Twitter, and different educational chats every day and night of the week, yet I was still surprised to find such a wide range that was foreign to me. This makes me realize the scope of Twitter, though I question the depth we lack sometimes, as we race to jump onto the latest and greatest hashtag.

All of this rambling is me reflecting on my current use of Tweetdeck and how I can continue to use this social media resource to support my continued professional growth. I’m always looking for suggestions and would love your responses in the comments!

What hashtags are in your Tweetdeck? 

Which chats do you enjoy participating in on Twitter?

Updates 6/9/16

My Tweetdeck currently includes the following hashtags:

  • LeadLAP
  • educoach
  • satchawc
  • My district’s hashtags
  • badgechatk12
  • Read16in16
  • And a revolving list of others!

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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