Surrounded by Mindfulness Reminders

I must begin this post with an apology for anyone who received the accidental first draft of this post (with all of two words on it earlier this week!) via email or through the bad link on Twitter.


My word of the year is mindfulness. I have tried to keep the concept front and center in my mind all year by writing updates every month about the development of my mindfulness habit. Just as I was starting to feel guilty for not writing an update in a while, I began to realize that I was being surrounded by mindfulness reminders.

CCC licensed work by

CCC licensed work by

First, I began acupuncture treatments and find myself working on being mindful during each session. After all the needles are in their healing spots, the acupuncturist leaves me alone for the needles to “do their work”. During that 15-20 minutes, I am focusing on my breathing, meditation, and being aware of the here and now. Some days it is easier to control my wandering thoughts than other days, but that is why it’s called practice!

Second, this month’s focus for the meetings at Weight Watchers centers on being happy. We have recently discussed mindful eating. During last week’s meeting our leader actually took us through a two-minute mindfulness practice, where we concentrated on our breathing. This was a simple reminder to slow down once in a while!

While I was on vacation in Hawaii recently, I was more mindful than ever. I think relaxing on the beach helps! Watching sea turtles floating in the waves, or following a pod of dolphin while aboard a catamaran trip, naturally puts you in the present, being aware.

CCC licensed by

CCC licensed by

Finally, I just purchased a new car and because I am SO HAPPY with my choice I am finding myself more aware of my commute, how I feel while driving, and what is happening around me as I drive. I appreciate the added comfort from the new car, which helps alleviate some of the pain that I have to treat via acupuncture (see that connection?!).

Mindfulness is all around lately. Where have you seen it, heard of it, or practice it yourself?

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  1. I love reading about your happy thoughts!

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