Currently 3.0

I was just reminded of my first two Currently posts (one and two), and decided this would be an interesting time to capture in my life. Since I had surgery one week ago and am currently home on a 6 week medical leave, this gives a different view into my world right now.

  • Currently Reading: A book a day – literally! I’ve never had so much reading time in my life! Today I’m reading Once Upon A Wardrobe, which is a fictionalized version of how C.S. Lewis may have come up with the ideas for The Narnia series. It’s so fun!
  • Currently Anticipating: Being able to walk for exercise again (or even for more than 5 minutes!) and returning to work in January 2022. I know my body needs this time to heal, but I already miss my colleagues and my work.

  • Currently Appreciating: That my friends and family know my love for sunflowers. I’ve been blssed with some beautiful flowers this week!
  • Currently Pondering: The miracles of medicine, and a laparoscopic surgery, where one week later I am doing so much better already! I know there is so much internal healing that is still needed, but the fact that I can get in and out of pain without pain, can shower on my own, and that I even did a load of laundry all by myself already is wonderful.
  • Currently Watching: Everything! I have a long list of recommended binge shows. I have started The Flight Attendant, Only Murders in the Building, the new Dexter, and Episodes (Thanks to Shelley for bringing a comedy into this dark list!).
  • Currently Relishing: The ability to take a six week medical leave to give my body the rest it needs. The time to read a book a day! Thanks to a tip from one of my podcasts, I’ve gotten into finding a good ASMR Reading Room on YouTube. I find a relaxing one (sometimes a beach view, sometimes a cozy library in a rain storm like the picture below) and play it on my tv while I read. It sets the ambience!
  • Currently Ordering: Christmas presents that can be shipped on time! I can’t believe we are this close to the winter holiday season. I’m ready to have my brother put up my balcony lights now and my tree soon.
  • Currently Making: Plans for vacations in 2022! I have missed traveling and I can’t wait to plan a big trip with a friend for this spring. I am also “making” a meditation habit – I have successfully meditated every day for 22 days in a row!
  • Currently Moving: From the bed to the couch to the table… that’s my rotation, along with a one day trip downstairs to see the outside world. So far, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. After my two week post surgery appointment, I should be cleared to try driving, which will be the next big adventure.
  • Currently Craving: My brother fulfilled a mac and cheese craving yesterday for me, and I’m not sure what I will be craving next. My body is still getting used to regular foods, so I’m happy to incorporate more than soups and light fare for now.

That is my Currently 3.0. Would love to hear your currently in the comments!

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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6 Responses to Currently 3.0

  1. Andree Grey says:

    Oh my gosh, I was so happy to get this! It was like a personal update to me! I am so glad you are healing and that you are truly taking sound advice to cherish this time for your personal care. Glad you are meditating and not medicating 😊!

    I am already looking forward to your next book blog as I know it will be a keeper!

    Hugs! MISS YOU SO MUCH! Take good care of yourself!

    • Jay P. Goldman says:

      Amy – Thanks for sharing your story through your always informative blog. Hope the recovery continues on pace. … I’m not sure why I’ve not suggested this previously, having followed your prolific book reading habits through your blog over the past few years: Might you like to join the book reviewing corps of AASA’s School Administrator magazine? If you’d consider, drop me a note at, and I’ll tell you what is involved so you can decide. (We definitely don’t expect books to be read in a day!). Best, J.P. Goldman

  2. Stephanie Pierce says:


    I didn’t know you were out on a medical leave. What a positive message you have posted regarding your recovery. I’m so happy to hear all the ways you are caring for yourself and a good model with an important reminder for me. I hope you continue to heal and experience the light that shines through you always. Lots of love and continued healing vibes coming your way!

    Stephanie Pierce

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