I love reading surveys on other blogs and recently enjoyed this one on Tina’s blog. Feel free to share your answers in the comments!

Current Celebration: A Saturday morning writing date with friends! And my 40th birthday this week!

Current Confession: I re-watch old TV series over and over again (think: Friends, Gilmore Girls, now Friday Night Lights).

CCC licensed work from flickr

CCC licensed work from flickr

Current Product Find: [Not new but] Wholly guacamole 100 calorie packs

CCC licensed work from

CCC licensed work from

Current Plan: I plan to participate in the #educoach blogging challenge in October.

Current Book: I’m reading Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap by Anthony Muhammad, Transforming Ice Age Schools by Leighangela Brady and Lisbeth Johnson, and a Lee Child novel

Current Purchase: Anything and everything that is available on Amazon Prime!

Current Drink: Decaf teas of varying flavors

Current Holy Moly: 90-100 degree weather in San Diego for the last two weeks (plus rain!)

Current Show: Big Brother! The winner of the show will be crowned in less than 2 weeks! I think Vanessa has played the best/craziest game and I will be happy if either she or Steve wins.

Current Obsession: TSA Pre check (thanks to my GOES!) which I will be using again soon for a birthday getaway weekend!


What are your current updates?

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Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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5 Responses to Currently

  1. Michelle says:

    Current Celebration: A week worth of celebrating…lol 3 birthdays, a bachelorette party & wedding & a baby shower
    Current Confession: I love shopping & spending time w/family.
    Current Product Find: not new but loving it again…BareMinerals
    Current Plan: I plan to take vacation next week.
    Current Book: Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap by Anthony Muhammad
    Current Purchase: SHOES!
    Current Drink: Coffee
    Current Holy Moly: I’m ready for the holidays to be here.
    Current Show: The Voice & Dancing w/the Stars
    Current Obsession: Ben & Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta!

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