Currently 2.0

I loved this Currently post on one of the healthy living blogs I read regularly. I flagged it as a good idea for me, since I haven’t written a blog post about anything other than books in awhile and I’m trying to write more. Before I started drafting this, I had an inkling that I had done it before. So I searched my own blog and way back in September of 2015 I wrote my first Currently post. It’s fun to do a 2.0 version in 2021!

  • Currently Reading: Still Life by Louse Penny – I have heard great things about Penny’s mysteries and I’m happy to be enjoying the first of this detective series. It was a little slow to start, but I had heard that so I was prepared.

  • Currently Anticipating: Vacations! I have one vacation booked for later this month and I’m busy making plans for a few more this year. I cannot wait to get on a plane again for a fun vacation! I am so ready to see friends and family I have seen in over a year, see new places, and cross off some bucket-list items.
  • Currently Pondering: Writing. I set a goal in January to write every day and I met that goal. Since then, I have written very sporadically on this blog, in my journal, and no other writing. Recently, I pulled out an Anne Lamott book about writing as inspiration to get back to my own personal writing. I’ve been pondering whether I could be a fiction writer or whether I might have a memoir in me. TBD…

  • Currently Watching: The newest season of The Handmaid’s Tale. It always takes a minute to remember where we left off (two years ago!) and then to get sucked back into the wild story, but I love it. Since the last season I read The Testament, the second book by Atwood, so I’m interested to see how the TV shows moves forward.

  • Currently Relishing: The time I have dedicated to reading, a hobby I enjoy so much! And because I’ve found new podcasts that talk about books, I am also relishing my extensively long To-Be-Read list of books! I truly love reading and am happy when I know I have a good book waiting for me. A second idea I am relishing is that I have had fresh sunflowers in my office for the last two weeks thanks to two different colleagues who treated me with my favorite flower!
  • Currently Ordering: Plane tickets (see Anticipating above!) and possibly a subscription to Peacock. Even though I’ve been watching less TV, there are a number of shows on Peacock that I am interested in, so a new account may be necessary soon.

  • Currently Making: Schedules and plans for the 2021-22 school year! It’s hard to believe that this wild year is almost over and that we can actually start planning for a return to pre-COVID life in our school system. I LOVE being able to talk about instruction again!

  • Currently Moving: My body and my step count with daily walks, either on my treadmill or out in nature. I love that I have so many friends with whom I can plan walking dates. I enjoy walking around so many beautiful areas in San Diego, from my usual beach spots to different neighborhoods on weekend explorations!
A recent hike over 7 bridges
  • Currently Craving: My brother has become my personal chef, and he comes over to my house to cook us dinner twice a week. He is a good cook, he can follow any recipe and he makes it look easy, and since I hate to cook and love to eat, it’s a good situation for me! This week he made one of the most delicious meals we’ve had all year. It’s from Rachael Hartley’s book Gentle Nutrition and it was amazing!

That is my Currently 2.0. Would love to hear your currently!

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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4 Responses to Currently 2.0

  1. Mechelle says:

    That was fun. As I read your entries, I thought about what mine would be. I am obsessed with The Handmaid’s Tale – so happy for this new season.

  2. Andree Grey says:

    Currently Asking: May I have the name of the great recipe?


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