[Abecedary of Reflection] Habit

H: Habit 

Talking about building a habit for reflection is not new to me or this blog. I wrote about it here and here. I continue to follow the steps I outlined in the first link, using the book and quotes to guide my not-quite-daily reflection. I continue to look for ways to slow myself down and give myself permission to stop and reflect; to be generous with my time. One of the reasons this abecedary journey has a focus on reflection is to give myself more opportunities to reflect on leadership and learning. As I mentioned when I began, I learn about myself through my writing and this journey is a written copy of my reflection.

CCC work by jaynealinternational.ws

CCC work by jaynealinternational.ws

When I think about building habits, I think about the healthy habits that I’ve developed over the last three years. I work out daily, making the time to exercise for my health. I track my food through a variety of online apps. I drink water every day (a LOT!). I prepare my food for the week on Sunday so I have no excuse not to eat well during a busy week. I also remind myself how important moderation is- I’m not looking for perfection, but for a balance of more good/healthy days than not-so-good days/meals/choices.

But I also think about how hard it has been to develop other habits, such as putting my fork down after every bite, or putting away my laundry as soon as it is clean. Different activities take different skills to become habits.  

Reflective questions to consider:

  • What habits are you proud to have in your repertoire?
  • What habit do you wish to improve upon in your life?
  • How do you build a new habit?
  • What habits do you think are crucial for a successful leader?

Abecedary of Reflection:

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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