[Abecedary of Reflection] Young Again

Y: Young Again

From the time I was about this age…

me as a child

My brother and I sometime in the ’80s!

I wanted to be a writer.

While blogging started out about my leadership and learning work, as a professional, it has become something so much more. It has reminded me how much I loved teaching writing, and how much I love writing! My mom always told me that she knew I would be a writer- somewhere, somehow. A colleague recently told me he believes that everyone has at least one book in them. While my book hasn’t come out… YET, this journey makes me feel young again.

When I was younger, I read and wrote for hours on end. I was the student who used to sneak my books to school and read them under the desk during class.  I filled up journal after journal with my made-up stories. I didn’t know what a mentor text was back then, but I lived the concept every day! Each time I read a new novel that I enjoyed, I tried to emulate the writer in my own writing. I also tried to emulate the characters in life!

One of my favorite memories related to books (and I have many!) was the day I went to work with my father, who worked in publishing, and I got to meet Ann M. Martin. For those of you who weren’t a young girl in the 80’s, this might mean nothing to you. But for a young girl who had read every book in the Babysitter’s Club series over and over again, this was a BIG DEAL. My dad loves to tell the story of this meeting, because I was star-struck. Silent. I was too shy to speak to her, this author whose work I loved so much. I am very rarely silent, so this was quite surprising!

Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin

Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin

I am grateful that blogging has reignited my passion for writing and has made me feel young again.

Reflective questions to consider:

  • What makes you feel young again?

Abecedary of Reflection

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3 Responses to [Abecedary of Reflection] Young Again

  1. Jack Illingworth says:

    Love it! What sweet looking children. 😊

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