Rejuvenate Update #2

Rejuvenate is my focus word for 2016.  I try to spend time weekly building or maintaing a habit around my word and then reflecting on my progress.  Since my update in February, I created my beautiful question to go along with my word of the year: What opportunities am I creating for rejuvenation? Then I had the best opportunity for rejuvenation possible – an 8 day vacation in Hawaii!


View of Waikiki from the top of Diamond Head

Other opportunities I created to help rejuvenate over the last two months include:

  • Restorative yoga & breathing exercises
  • Essential oils used daily at home and in my office
  • Instagram- I choose to fill my feed with happy pictures that keep me smiling!
  • New coloring books for continued mindfulness
  • Learning about Auyredic properties and how to continue to use food and lifestyle to rejuvenate
  • Enjoying every sunset possible


Yoga on the beach in Hawaii



I love a sunset over water! 


What is your word of 2016?  How is it helping you?

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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