Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 10

This week’s edition of my Friday favorites has little to do with my work leadership, but everything to do with my personal life learning. Here are some things I’m loving lately. I would love to hear what you are learning about in the comments section.


The Skimm: If you haven’t heard of this, get on it! The Skimm is a daily email newsletter that captures the big ideas from national and international news and shares them in easy- to-read tidbits. In addition to that, the writers are very humorous and you often find sarcastic or ’80’s song references built into their news items. I have never been an avid newspaper reader, so I appreciate this easy way to learn about the news.



Stitch Fix: If you haven’t heard of this, I encourage you to check it out! Stitch Fix is an online shopping support, where you sign up to receive a monthly (or less frequent) box of five fashion items. You try everything on and decide what to keep or send back. If you buy all five items, you receive a discount on the total price and you don’t have to pay the styling fee. I received my first fix in November and I loved all of the items! I have heard of some people getting items they haven’t loved, which is why it is so important to be honest in your reviews of each item, whether you keep it or not. In full disclosure, the link above is a referral link. If you sign up for your own account, I get a $25 credit for my account. But even without that, I have been telling everyone I know about this fun service! I am taking a risk learning about new fashion styles I wouldn’t otherwise explore on my own.

Getting outside: I love to get outside to exercise, to relax, to reflect, and to learn. I enjoy taking walks to the beach during lunch breaks. I love hiking places like Torrey Pines with my family. I love the sound of the fountains that flow outside of my house whenever I step outside. I enjoy playing in the park with my nephews (with the cool view of the Las Vegas strip!).

hiking Torrey Pines vegas strip

What are you loving lately?



About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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3 Responses to Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 10

  1. Holly mortlock says:

    I love The Skimm, too. So informative and easy to read.

    I love living in southern CA and the fact that I’m retired and have time to take advantage of all the great things available: hiking, beaches, small town entertainment. Also time to volunteer where I truly continue to learn.

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