Most Used Emoticons

Anyone who has an iPhone (or other i-device) and who sends text messages with emoticons is probably familiar with the “most used” feature. When adding an emoticon to a text message, I can scroll through many pages of options, or I can revert to my “most used” page. Have you ever taken a look at your most used emoticons? What would that list say about you? I’m going to be brave and show a picture of my most used emoticons from my personal cell phone (where I conduct NO work business!).

Most used emoticons

As I was laughing about this list of graphics and what others might think about me, I reflected on equivalent measures at work.

  • What daily habits do we have that others see or hear?
  • What communication style do we use and how do others perceive our messages?
  • Do other people notice the “um” and “uh” and “like” fillers that others use as much as I notice them?
  • How do our daily habits reflect our visions?
  • What would the “most used” list look like in your work life?

Leaders need to be very aware of their actions and how they are perceived by others. I strive to have my daily habits reflect the passion I have for my work.

About Amy's Reflections

Director of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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