Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 9

I haven’t done an updated Things I’m Loving Friday edition in awhile. Truthfully, I haven’t loved a lot lately, since I’ve been drowning in work, school, and general life stress. However, I am coming out the other side and want to celebrate some fun things.

  • Co-teaching at the University: I had an amazing opportunity to co-teach an admin credential class with Dr. Doug Fisher and a fellow doctoral student this semester. This was my first experience teaching at the university level and I loved everything about it! I enjoyed the interactions with the students, who are all aspiring leaders. I enjoyed the collaboration with a professor and educator who is ridiculously intelligent and hard-working. I look forward to more opportunities to learn and grow in this new way.


  • Connected Educator: October is Connected Educator’s month. I am a connected educator in more ways than one. This past week I enjoyed providing time within a monthly coach collaborative for all of our district coaches to get connected and to share their learning. When I look through their posts on Twitter and Edmodo, I am so proud of their hard work. I have grown in many ways as a learner and a leader since becoming more connected. If you are a newly connected educator, check out the hashtag #ce14 on twitter for more resources and inspirations!
  • Swimming: This has nothing to do with me as a leader, and yet everything to do with it. I have recently taken up swimming as one of my weekly workouts. Not only was this important for my knee and back issues, but it has become an incredible stress reliever. Swimming at the end of a long work day is relaxing, rejuvenating, and supportive to my physical and emotional well-being.


What are you loving lately?  

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