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Coming out of a hole

Have you ever had a week where nothing felt right?  I feel like I’m coming off of a few weeks like that.  I’ve been fighting a losing battle with a sinus infection, so I’ve had a headache for 8 days … Continue reading

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Networking vs Connecting

A few months ago I stumbled upon this article about ‘why networking is dead‘. The article goes on to explain that networking is often about superficial meet and greets, where people collect business cards as if they were “likes” or … Continue reading

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How you choose to spend your time

I’m reflecting on this quote.  There are days or weeks when I feel so busy, so stressed, as if there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.  Then I find myself spending a weekend day comatose on my couch, … Continue reading

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Creating Connections Counts

Last week I attended AASA’S National Conference on Education, here in my own fine city of San Diego.  I heard some amazing keynote speakers, attended some great sessions, enjoyed lunch with colleagues, and even caught up with my AASA mentor … Continue reading

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Coaching in Meetings

I recently had a team meeting with a number of people in my department.  At the end of the meeting, one of the people came up to me and said something about how they noticed the coaching move I made … Continue reading

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Last week I had the opportunity to visit Apple for a 2 day learning experience with a group of leaders from the Southern California. While I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, nor post anything on social media about Apple … Continue reading

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Why Do You Use Social Media?

In episode 48 of the Ten Things To Tell You podcast (can you tell how much I love this show?), Laura discusses whether or not parents should post pictures of their children on social media. The chat moves into a … Continue reading

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Checking in on Grace 2020

Recently I’ve been spending more time writing in my own private journal.  Throughout my entire life I have gone through phases where I journaled a lot, and then wouldn’t write for a year, and then would journal sporadically and then … Continue reading

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What I Read in 2019

Every year I keep track of what I’ve read. I personally have a goal to beat my previous year’s record of books read, though that didn’t happen last year.  This year I also had a goal to read more Young … Continue reading

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My Word of 2020

Have you ever had a word choose you?  This year my word began to choose me as early as last September.  It popped up, and I noticed it and then moved on.  By November, it was appearing all over the … Continue reading

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