My Word of 2022

I apologize if you already saw this post. I accidentally published it a few weeks ago in December, even though I never share my word of the year before January 1. Oops! Hopefully you will grant me some GRACE and share your word of the year with me!

Seven years ago I discovered the free Find Your Word course by Susannah Conway. I love the process of journaling through what the past year has been for me, and what I wish for in the new year.  This is different from setting new year’s resolutions. I choose to find a word that represents what I want, need, and hope 2022 will bring into my life, but sometimes the word chooses me. I always begin the process by looking back at my previous words.

In 2021, my word was DARING. This word felt like a challenge to my introverted self, but also like something I needed after a year of grace and masks and isolation. I was ready to be daring in some big and small ways in my life.

In 2020, my word was GRACE. This word found me long before we knew what 2020 would bring to the world. I needed to leave space for grace for myself and for others as we lived through a global pandemic.

In 2019, my word was SHINE. My goal was to shine personally and professionally, and I did that through a new job, a published book, and a sunflower tattoo 26 years in the making!

In 2018, my word was POSSIBILITY with a supporting phrase of Adventures that Stretch. This idea helped me looked differently at what was possible if I shifted my viewpoint. I also enjoyed some incredible adventures that did help me stretch in new ways.

For 2017, my word was CHALLENGE, and it served me personally, professionally, and on a global scale. I love new challenges and appreciated the permission I gave myself to rise to some new challenges and to say, “I’m not going to take this on,” to other challenges.

In 2016, my word was REJUVENATE, with a more internal, physical focus that I needed.

The first time I chose a focus word was 2015, and my word was MINDFULNESS. This proved to be a fulfilling year of learning to be more present, learning to mediate, and to enjoy each individual moment.

My word of 2022 is….

I have chosen CONNECTION as my word of 2022 for a number of reasons. I am always seeking more meaningful connections in my relationships. I’d like to move beyond the superficial conversations and into the “stuff” that matters. That takes time, trust, and connection. When I think about connections in relationships, I think of mutual give and take, of being seen and heard for who I am, and doing the same for others. I also like the link to travel, as I would happily take many connecting flights if it meant I could travel more this year. I can’t wait to connect with friends and family near and far!

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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