What I Read in November 2018

I keep a monthly record of what I’ve read for my own, aging mind to remember! This month I read:

  • Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William- This is the first book by this author; last month I read one of his more recent books. I find his ideas fascinating, and I’m trying out some of his recommendations for my own health.
  • Run by Kody Keplinger – This was a YA book I’ve had sitting on my shelf for awhile. It’s a story where each chapter is alternately told from either Bo or Agnes’ point of view; I always enjoy that storytelling style. Bo is from a troubled family and Agnes is legally blind. Their friendship is unexpected and leads to a disastrous road trip that teaches them each about themselves and their own strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed the story and the characters.
  • Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell – What a great, sad story! I stumbled upon this book randomly, but once I read the description I knew I would like it. Each part of the book was narrated by a different character, with flashbacks and present scenes throughout. From the beginning you know that teen Ellie went missing years ago, but you don’t know how or what happened to her. As you learn those details, you also learn how Laurel, her mother, has coped with the loss.
  • Below the Belt (Stone Barrington #40) by Stuart Woods – Another great story in one of my favorite series, with Stone and Holly together traveling to a variety of his houses.
  • I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll – A great psychological thriller I discovered for free through Amazon Prime. There were a number of witnesses telling the story, from past and present, of a young girl’s disappearance. Her father, her friend, and a witness all tell their versions of what happened before and after.


About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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1 Response to What I Read in November 2018

  1. Thanks for the book recommendations! Three new books added to my “to read” list!

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