Happy 4th Birthday Reflections!

Wow. I published my first blog post four years ago. 2012. I was in a different job, in a different district. I hadn’t begun my doctoral program yet. I was looking for ways to share my learning publicly for my own reflection as well as for the contribution to a greater learning community. And really I just love writing and was looking for an excuse to write more often!

mindfulness pic

Since my blog’s last birthday, I finished up my 2015 focus on mindfulness, captured what I’ve been reading, and began a year focused on rejuvinate. I asked my beautiful question and I changed jobs!

Rejuvenate 2016

As I prepare for a new school year to begin very soon (we are on a modified year-round schedule), I am hopeful that this blog will continue to serve as a reflective outlook for me as I learn, coach, and lead. I also hope that I continue to find new avenues to explore through my writing and reflecting. I am excited to launch a year of learning blog project in my district, where each day will feature a different writer from our community answering the question “What did you learn today?” This work is inspired by the work of other districts, and I only know about it because they had the courage to blog and share their writing with the world.

Thank you for reading my reflections and continuing to join me on this unknown journey.



About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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