Happy 3rd Birthday!

Some days I don’t even think about this blog. Other days I have 55 blog post ideas running through my mind and I can’t reach pen and paper or phone and app quick enough to record them all!

I started this blog after attending ISTE 12 here in San Diego, when I worked closely with a colleague who got hooked into blogging and twitter with me! It was so much fun sharing our learning together during that time. I miss working with that colleague (you know who you are!).

The first year snuck up on me. I reflected on it here. The second year blog birthday fell in the middle of my doctoral journey, at the end of my Abecedary of Reflection, and after a few committed posts on Mentor Texts.

And now here we are, three years into a journey I didn’t know I needed to take.

Mom and I and The Statue of Liberty

I think that blogging filled a void that was created when I went into administration. Up until that point, I was a teacher and a Literacy Coach, and I spent HOURS writing, reading about writing instruction, practicing my writing, and coaching others about how to teach writing to young adolescents. When I moved out of those roles and into the roles of Vice Principal, Principal and then Director, I didn’t realize how much I would miss the writing. Though I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I’ve shared before that one of my life ambitions is to write my own book. My mother and my father instilled in me a love of reading and encouraged my desire to write. Mom knew I would become a writer at some point. Neither she nor I would have expected that my first published book would be a dissertation.


I appreciate that I am able to use blogging to fill the unexpected void. It also serves as a reflection tool for me, as well as a way to collaborate with a broader global community. Knowing that someone, somewhere might read these words is both fear-inducing and awe-inspiring at times. So many people, including many teachers I have known, are afraid of writing. It is my belief that every teacher should consider themselves a reader and a writer and they would benefit from practicing both skills daily!

I still don’t know the final destination of this blogging journey, but I am enjoying the ride and appreciate the company of my loyal readers.  Thank you for joining me!

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About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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