When Worlds Collide

This summer I am taking two non Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) courses in my doctoral program. We are studying Human Resources and School Law and Finance. When I took similar classes in my Master’s program, I had a focused interested: learn the basics of what a principal needs to know to run a school. Now that I’m in a different position in my career and my studies, with new aspirations for my future, I have a very different focus. I want to learn how to bring these worlds together.

Most districts are split up into some version of three areas: C & I, HR, and Business. Working at the district level, I now know how important it is to have your HR and your Business departments work in collaboration with your Curriculum department. Curriculum leaders often feel like the stars of the world- making key decisions about what and how student learning will occur, improve, and change. But if we do not have the support of our HR department, to ensure we have high quality teachers and leaders in our schools, we cannot be as successful. In addition, without the financial support from the Business department, curricular goals cannot be met.

I believe that a Superintendent plays a critical role in ensuring that her (or his) Cabinet members work together in conjunction, all in support of a common vision centered on equitable educational success for all students.

I’m looking forward to a summer of learning more about leadership in HR and Law/Finance.

Scales of balance

  • Have you ever considered a leadership role in HR or Business?
  • How are these departments connected and supportive of one another in your school district?
  • How important is it for a Superintendent to have knowledge and experience in all of these areas?

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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    another good one…

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