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Today I am honored to host a guest post by my friend and colleague Sheila Krotz. Sheila is a secondary school leader (and fellow doctoral student) whose expertise includes the area of Linked Learning. You can find her on twitter at @JoyfulDiva. “What is Linked Learning?”, you may be asking.  Read on for some great information.

What is Linked Learning?

Linked Learning are programs of study that connect learning in the classroom with real-world applications outside of school. The Linked Learning approach is designed to address inequities in education and achieves its goal through four key components:

(1) a college-preparatory curriculum,

(2) a coherent sequence of rigorous career-related coursework,

(3) work-based learning experiences, and

(4) student support services.


CCC licensed work by Hillary411k

CCC licensed work by Hillary411k

What Linked Learning is not-

Linked Learning is not a type of school, but it is an approach to teaching and learning that can be implemented through several different high school models, including small learning communities; career academies; charter schools; and small, themed high schools in traditional school districts.

In the Linked Learning approach, high school courses of study connect learning in the classroom with real world applications. The programs integrate strong academic instruction with demanding technical curriculum and field based experiences that prepare students for a full range of post-secondary education options.


  • What experience have you had with Linked Learning?
  • What else would you like to know about Linked Learning?

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