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Good Leaders Don’t Do It All Alone

In my Time Management for Leaders Series I try to share advice for new leaders, leaders in new roles, and leaders who are working to get organized and efficient with their time, in order to serve as instructional leaders. In … Continue reading

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Writing in Books (or Marginalia!)

I recently read a blog post in which the writer was responding to a reading survey. The question was whether or not the blogger writes in books. The blogger wrote something along the lines of, “No.  I think it’s interesting … Continue reading

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The Writing Process for a Blog Writer

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of professional literature on the teaching of writing, the writing workshop, and the writing standards for students. As the idea of the writing process comes up over and over again, I took pause … Continue reading

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Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 13

I love to highlight the friends, apps, tools, books, and habits that help me as a leader, a learner, and someone trying to be more balanced and mindful. For this week’s volume, I decided to do a round-up of the … Continue reading

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