My Favorite Books of 2022

As someone who travels a lot, one of the questions that I dread the most is, “Where is your favorite place?” Similarly, as an avid reader I always have a hard time answering, “What is your favorite book?” because I love so many books for different reasons! Last year was the first time I ever attempted to summarize some of my favorite books that I read in 2021. This year, in each of my monthly reading roundups, I tried to capture my favorite fiction and nonfiction books from the month, to help me with this post for 2022. Based on those monthly posts, I loved 15 fiction and 10 nonfiction books. Even though it feels like Sophie’s choice, I’m going to narrow that group of 25 down to my top… 12. That’s the best I could do!


Rather than share the summary I shared the first time I wrote about each of these books, I am linking them to the original post and making a note of their publication year. I want to share how these ended up on my favorite list for 2022. For me, what makes a 5 star read or a top book is that I love the reading experience so much I can’t put the book down (and hate taking a break for things like work and sleep!), I want to share it with people as soon as I finish it, and it’s memorable after I put it down. A book that I am still thinking about months after I read it is one that has had an impact on me.

As I consider this list I notice a few things. First, everything on this list was published within the last two years, though I read many books that were older than that this year. If asked, I would say that my favorite genre to read is mystery, but this list includes literary fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. Most of these books are #OwnVoices, which for these particular books means that people of color, people who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and people living with disabilities, are the central characters and the authors as well. I have worked hard to expand the representation in what I read and I’m glad that these stories rose to the top this year. Even though I am someone who forgets what I read, I can still remember so many details from each of these books. The stories challenged my thinking, made me consider different perspectives, had me guessing, laughing, or crying, and still resonate in my mind. These are all signs of a great read for me!


When I reflect on my nonfiction list it is a little different than the fiction picks for the year. It’s hard to LOVE some nonfiction when it’s telling the graphic stories of a serial killer or the brutal truths of the enslavement of African Americans or even the way society has ignored the voices of women and people of color for centuries. However, the first three books on this list cover these topics with beautiful storytelling, rich descriptions, and writing styles that often felt like literary fiction. When I read nonfiction I want to learn and grow. All of these books helped me do that. The last book on the list pushed me as an educator and has been part of many discussions I’ve had around our equity work over the last year.

Have you read any of my favorites this year?

What were some of your favorite books of this year?

What books are already on your TBR (to be read) list for next year?

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Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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4 Responses to My Favorite Books of 2022

  1. I just put them all on my reading list!

  2. Andree (Amy's #1 Fan) says:

    I read The Violin Conspiracy from your recommendation and loved it. I would consider it one of my top books this year, too. Thanks to you I have Matthew Perry’s biography and The Lioness on my TBR list. I am looking forward to having time during the break to read.

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