What Fills Your Cup?

I was recently reading Beyond the Surface of Restorative Practices by Marisol Quevedo Rerucha and she was sharing the habits and practices that she employs to keep her own cup full, so that she is better able to support others. As they say, “You can’t fill someone else’s bucket with an empty cup”. Marisol inspired me to consider what habits and practices fill my own cup. Some of these may be considered “self-care”, but for me, this is a list of what I need regularly in my life to feel my best.

  • Sleep – Sleep is very important to my physical and mental wellbeing. I know that people can function on a variety of hours of sleep, and I know myself well enough to know that 8 hours is my ideal night of sleep. A few nights with less than 8 hours begins to take a toll on me. My friends and family know not to call me near or after 9 pm for this reason!
  • Reading – For anyone who has read more than one of my blog posts, it should come as no surprise that reading is something that makes me happy. Reading is my happy time, my time to rest and recharge by myself, and to escape into another world. Reading is also my education, my learning time, and time to challenge old ways of thinking. I love reading and begin to feel bad if I have a few days in a row when I haven’t read fiction.
  • Water and Walking – I grouped the W’s because it was fun! Drinking water is a habit that I do well for awhile and then do not do well for awhile, until my body reminds me why water helps! Walking, whether with friends or alone, on a beach or around my neighborhood, is also good for my mind and body. Both of these habits help me feel better in my body and connect me to nature.
  • Friends & Family – Connecting with friends and family fill my cup in so many ways. Whether a friend and I exchange a few texts a month, or my nephews and I FaceTime once a week, I love connecting with the people I love and hearing how their lives are going, especially those who live far away. Making time to see my local friends and family is also important, for laughter, shared meals, and connections.
  • Vitamins, supplements and essential oils – While the specifics in this category change over time, I know that taking vitamins and supplements, and using essential oils, helps me. I carefully select specific oils to add to my diffuser each night for the best night’s sleep possible! When I’m feeling stressed in my office, taking a moment to inhale “Balance” can usually give me a moment or two of calm, which reminds me that deep breathing is also important.
  • Massages & Facials – I have gone to every woo-woo and traditional practitioner out there at some point in time, trying to help various health symptoms that have made my life challenging. The two practices that are currently in my regular rotation, and filling my cup with relaxation time, are massages and facials. Not only do these feel like a gift to myself, but the mental and physical benefits are gifts that keep on giving!
  • Music & Travel – My cup runneth over after a recent weekend away (real travel!) for a live concert of my favorite band (NKOTB!)! Whether dancing in my car, house, or a concert, alone or in a crowd, music lifts up my soul and fills my heart! Travel does the same. I can’t wait for it to be safe enough for much more of this!

What fills your cup? What do you miss after a few days out of your routine?

Recent books purchased from an independent book store!
One of my happy places – at an NKOTB concert!

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