Coaching in Meetings

I recently had a team meeting with a number of people in my department.  At the end of the meeting, one of the people came up to me and said something about how they noticed the coaching move I made in the meeting and they even referenced my book, which they had recently been reading.  I was surprised by the comment, because at first I didn’t even know what “coaching move” I had made during the meeting.  When I asked for some clarification, it seemed to be how I listened and gave space for everyone to be heard.

I left that exchanged wanting to reflect further. I think that coaching has become such a way of life for me that I naturally step into my coaching role throughout many conversations and in different scenarios. I think we often don’t realize the impact we can have in small ways.  I don’t think most people consider a group meeting to be a setting where coaching takes place. However, when I consider the times I’ve participated in a grade level meeting or Professional Learning Community (PLC), I have coached in those settings.

As I continue to work with and support instructional leaders stepping into the role of a coach, I am reminded that we can all coach from any role, any position, and any setting. I’d love to hear from you – where are you coaching these days?  How does a setting change the way in which you coach others?

staff meeting

Source: “Staff Meeting” by ljguitar is licensed under CC BY 2.0    A little humor for this topic… NOT the kind of meeting to which I am referring!


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