Where do you live?

I love writing and I use blogging and journaling as reflection tools. I recently discovered a new-to-me podcast, 10 Things to Tell You, and I am loving everything about it! Laura, the host, prompted my post about when and what I read and she has prompted this reflection as well. In her episode about where she lives, she shared ten things she loves about living in LA. I decided to share 5 things that make me love living in San Diego and 5 things that I’m loving about working in Encinitas, which is in north San Diego County and where I began working on July 1st.

  1. I love the weather in San Diego… most of the time!  I moved here because I believed it was 72* and sunny year-round, with no rain, no bugs, and no humidity.  I swear my first year this was all true. But now that I have been here 20 years (wow!) I can admit that the weather is not always perfect. We “suffer” through May Grey, June Gloom, and fire season fall. But I will take all of that and our winters any day over east coast weather.
  2. I love the opportunities to be outdoors in San Diego.  Many restaurants offer outdoor seating year-round, the malls are outdoors, and since we have to drive everywhere, there is so much to see. I also love that the weather and the opportunities make me more active than I would be somewhere else. I love walking on the beach after work, meeting a friend at the bay for a weekend walk, and making time to enjoy a hike or just a day at the zoo.
  3. I love Farmer’s Markets! We have farmer’s markets across San Diego County every day of the week.  I feel hypocritical writing this, however, because I haven’t been to one in awhile. But I enjoy the options and whenever I go, I’m glad I did.
  4. I like the pace of Southern California.  In general, people here are laid back and they move with less of a hurry than what I remember from the East Coast.  But I’m still a Jersey Girl at heart, so I’m still walking and talking faster than most here! I think the overall pace slows me down so I’m not going at warp speed all of the time.
  5. I love that so many of my family members live in California!  When I moved here 20 years ago, none of my immediate family was here, and I didn’t see my extended family much.  But since that time, my father and brother have moved out here, we have inherited a great stepmom and her extended family, and I’ve gotten closer to my extended family scattered around CA. Not everyone I love is here, but I’m happy that so many are.
  6. I love that the city of Encinitas is so GREEN.  By green, I don’t mean trees, although I was surprised by the amount of beautiful tree-lined streets around our school neighborhoods. I mean environmentally conscious. My metal straw, glass water bottles, and canvas grocery bags fit right in. All of our schools teach students how to separate waste for different purposes and have water hydration stations. Our students are growing up in a city where it is not optional to recycle and to take care of the community around us now and for the future.
  7. I love the Encinitas coast line. It’s so interesting to visit the various beach areas because they are each unique. We have big cliffs, houses up high on the bluffs, then wide sandy beaches half a mile down the road. There are some beaches only accessible by steep hills and down the road you can park right next to a beach. The Coaster drives right by the beach multiple times a day. And a few of our schools have great beach views!
  8. Encinitas is full of cute neighborhoods. There are technically five distinct areas within Encinitas, but even more diverse smaller communities. As I drive around our district, and to find walking paths after work, I continually discover fun new vistas!
  9. The people of Encinitas are so warm and welcoming! Many people have lived in Encinitas all their lives, and the adults I meet also attended our elementary schools growing up. But the community welcomes everyone – old and new – and you feel like people are truly happy you are there.
  10. Encinitas is a true beach town. Growing up, we would vacation at the Jersey Shore (which is our beach) every summer. There are parts of the Encinitas culture that remind me of my childhood summers and love of the beach life.

The Pacific

I’d love to hear about where you live and what you love about it.

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Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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