Quotes That Resonate, Volume 7

Without fail, when I am reading something there are often quotes that feel like they literally jump off the page, demanding that I stop and reflect. These quotes resonated with me long after I finish reading the text.

“When educators fail to pay careful attention to teacher learning in schools, conditions of teaching and learning remain the same. Only through learning will individuals change and grow.” ~ Stephanie Hirsh and Tracy Crow, Becoming a Learning Team

As I read up in preparation for a number of professional learning experiences with teachers and leaders in our district this year, this quote jumped out at me. One of the reasons I made the transition from teacher to site and then district leader was my passion for support adult learning. The more invested I became in my own professional growth, the more excited I was to support the professional growth of others.

“How we influence each other through conversations is key to creating a healthy culture at work.” ~ Judith E. Glaser, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

I just started reading this book and this quote jumped out of the introduction.  I appreciate the message that what we say and how we say it impacts our culture. Many school systems today are working to address inequities and to enhance their organizational culture. Paying more attention to our conversations, our relationships, can make a positive difference in this work.

“These systems don’t require enormous amounts of money. What they do require is thoughtful professionalism on the part of educators and school staff who are given the time, knowledge, and resources to work together in a quest to ensure that every student is successful. That should be within the grasp of every school in the country.” ~ Karin Chenowith, from “What ‘Unexpected’ Schools Do That Other Schools Don’t

As I continue to work in systems that are trying to revise our PLC process to improve student learning outcomes, I am always saddened that all school systems in America cannot yet provide teachers with time and resources to collaborate. The knowledge is already there, but if educators don’t have time to collaborate, their collective knowledge will never be known.


What quotes are resonating with you this week?


About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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