May ’17 Update

I read only 2 books in May, making my 2017 total 18 so far.

  • You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott – I’m not sure where I heard/read about this book, but it was an interesting, sad, mystery. Devon is a teen and an elite gymnast with aspirations and talents to make the Olympic team. This is a story about some of the harsh realities that families face to make a dream like that happen. The hit-and-run death of Ryan, a friend of the gym, turn their gym family upside down as people point fingers and tell lies to protect Devon’s chance for success. The story is told from Katie’s perspective and Katie is Devon’s mom, so it’s a unique point of view for the story. I found myself not liking many of the characters, but liking the story and racing to see how it ended.
  • Night School by Lee Child- I bought this paperback to read at the pool (since paper is easier to read than tablet in the sun!) and it was great to have on my Memorial Day weekend trip. Lee Child never disappoints! This was another flashback to when Reacher was still in the Army, and tasked with a secret mission in collaboration with the CIA and the FBI to find a missing thief. The thief ended up stealing ten nuclear bombs that were leftover from WWII. The story was fast-paced and international and a quick, fun read.

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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