My Beautiful Question

As I wrote about earlier this week, we are now in the middle of Question Week.  One of the resources for individuals to consider is this article by Warren Berger, about forgetting a new years resolution and writing a beautiful question instead.  As I read Berger’s advice, it connected so nicely with Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice in Big Magic, which I reflected on here, as well as on my focus word of the year.

Rejuvenate 2016

Can I turn my focus word, rejuvenate, into a beautiful question that will impact my creativity this year?

Here are some initial drafts:

  • How can writing help me rejuvenate my mind and my soul this year?
  • How can I use my strengths and my passions to rejuvenate me?
  • How do I focus on rejuvenation throughout my day?
  • Is what I am choosing to do helping me rejuvenate?
  • Does this ____ (friendship, activity, task, event, choice) provide an opportunity for rejuvenation?
  •  What opportunities am I creating for rejuvenation?

Through my brainstorming, I was able to come up with a number of question that all get at the same idea, with a slightly different connotation.  I think my final question is the one that resonates with me the most.  It’s all about me- my choices, and the opportunities I create for myself.  I like the positive nature of opportunities and the empowerment of creating.  Therefore, my beautiful question for 2016 is:

What opportunities am I creating for rejuvenation? 

What is your beautiful question? 

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