Things I’m Loving Friday, Volume 15

On Fridays I like to talk about the ideas, products, and resources that I’m loving. This week I bring to you the things that have brought me joy recently. Nothing on this list has anything to do with work or leadership- just things I enjoy in life! And part of having a more balanced life is enjoying many things outside of your work life, right?


CCC licensed work by

  • Podcasts – I have shared my love of podcasts before (as in just a month ago or so!). But with the new release of Serial, season two, I have to profess my love obsession once again. I loved the first season of Serial, which led me to Undisclosed. From there, I found Truth & Justice. Then I finally branched out to Radiolab, The Moth, and TED Radio Hour. All these podcasts have cut down on the books I’m listening to through Audible, but I like the shorter stories and varied content so much right now. What other podcasts am I missing?
  • Blue Apron– This is a food delivery subscription that has changed my dinnertime! When you sign up for the subscription, Blue Apron sends you three meals for two people (there is a family size option as well). Included in your shipment is every single item you will need to make each meal, in the exact proportions you will need. That way, you don’t end up with random spices in your cabinets that you will never use again. You also get recipe cards with detailed directions and pictures, and at least one video available online for each shipment. When I first started this, I thought the best part was the fact that I wouldn’t have random leftover ingredients all over my kitchen, like I used to do when attempting to cook new recipes. However, now that I’ve made six meals, I’ve changed my mind. The best part about this is that I am making meals I never thought I could make- they look good, they taste great, and they include ingredients I would have never tried on my own. It’s been a great experience!
Steak and Tomato Rice

Chile-Rubbed Steak with Quick Kimchi & Tomato Rice

  • Cheesy holiday movies– This is slightly more embarrassing to admit, but this month I have been loving the cheesy, made-for-TV holiday movies that you can find on at all hours of the day and night. I think I like the predictability of the story line. I’m able to work on other projects while these movies play on in the background. I’ve grown comfortable with the cheese factor and I love seeing snowy, white Christmases all over. I much prefer my snow to be on the TV screen and not in my front yard anymore!

What are you loving lately? 

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Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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