What I’m Reading (Volume 6)

Every so often I do a round-up of what I’m reading. Volume 4 was all about twitter and pinterest! Volume 5 brought back some real book reading and this volume I’m digging back into some books for some purposeful rereading.

  • The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact by Michael Fullan– I was hooked into this book from the first sentence of the preface, which used the word monograph. I just learned what a monograph was last month when listening to Dr. Norman Webb speak. This book is a great resource for any one who supports principals, anyone who is a principal or who aspires to be a principal and instructional leader. I wrote about it in my last update and since I’m still reading it, I’m including it again! Here is what you need to know:

The heart of this book is to reposition the role of the principal as overall instructional leader so that it maximize the learning of all teachers and in turn of all students (p. 6).

  •  Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action by Stephanie Harvey & Harvey Daniels–  We have been using this as a resource with our Studio Classroom teachers in my district. With the support of Stephanie Harvey and one of her fabulous consultants, Courtney, these teachers facilitated an inquiry process with their students (1st-6th graders). It was such an incredible experience we are replicating it this semester with even more teachers. My favorite quote from a teacher during the process:

I didn’t know my students could do/ say/write so much.  This is amazing!

One of my favorite lines from the book:

This book is about empowering students to find out: to get answers to important questions about school subject matter, and to questions kids have posed for themselves.

  •  Outview by Brandt Legg – This YA novel/ series was a recommendation, and the first book I read using my Oyster subscription. This definitely falls in the dystopian society sub-genre. I enjoyed the narrative and the story told from the young boy’s point of view. I also enjoyed that the author is active on Twitter and interacted with me, curious if I enjoyed the book (which I did!). A fun quote that, if you read the book, makes a lot of sense, is:

But my mind was churning with the conspiracy that had taken over my entire existence.


About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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