The Reader in Me

I was recently inspired by Franki Sibberson to write 100 Things about Me as a Reader. This was an idea she shared in Scholastic’s book Open a World of Possible, which I wrote about in my last Things I’m Loving Friday post. Like Franki, I don’t know that I will reach 100, but I’m going to get my list started…

CCC licensed work by flickr user CollegeDegree360

CCC licensed work by flickr user CollegeDegree360

  1. I have been an avid reader since I was a young child.
  2. As a child I read all of The Babysitter’s Club books and was awe-struck when I got to meet the author, Ann M. Martin.
  3. I met Ann M. Martin because my father worked for Scholastic and I got to go to work with him!
  4. Because my father worked for Scholastic I was never without my share of books as a child or as a teacher.
  5. As a child I also read Nancy Drew books, because my mother had loved them when she was a young reader.
  6. I prefer to read fiction.
  7. My favorite genres to read for fun are mystery and romance.
  8. The longer I am in education, the more I have grown to enjoy reading professional books about education.
  9. In my doctoral program, I did not love reading research.
  10. Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite books as a child.
  11. Just a Summer Romance, by my favorite author Ann M. Martin (see #3 & 4!), was another favorite, that I’ve easily read over 10 times!
  12. The more I read, the more I want to be a writer, especially of Young Adolescent novels.
  13. As a teacher, I found a love for reading YA. Not only can you get through them quickly, but it’s so much fun to discuss books with your students!
  14. I have read all of the Harry Potter books multiple times.
  15. There are a few books that I will read over and over again. I often reread Skipping Christmas by John Grisham every holiday season. The book is SO much better than the movie (as most are!). I could read Love That Dog every week. 2013-08-15 11.58.27
  16. I enjoy series books (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Boxcar Children, Little House, Jack Reacher, etc.) and understand why that is a great way to get young readers started and hooked!
  17. In high school, I HATED reading. I “fake read”, read Cliffs’ Notes versions, or merely skimmed most of my required reading.
  18. I read very fast. Like I talk.
  19. I have participated in a variety of Book Clubs, both in person and online.
  20. I like to read on my ipad.
  21. I also like to read real books in my hands!
  22. I discovered a love for picture books as a teacher- for reading and writing instruction.
  23. I wrote a draft of a book that I was hoping would turn into a picture book.
  24. When authors spend too much time describing things, especially furniture and other indoor setting elements, I skip it!
  25. I used to hate listening to books on tape.
  26. Now I enjoy listening to YA books or books written and read by celebrities while I drive to work.
  27. I do not enjoy seeing most of the books I’ve read turned into movies (see #15!).
  28. I need to either really love or really hate a character to get into a book and love it.
  29. I love reading a book recommended by a good friend.
  30. I hate telling said friend if I didn’t enjoy the book the way he/she did.Exhaustion
  31. I love everything written by Sharon Creech (see #15!).
  32. And Sharon Draper.
  33. I used A Sudden Silence by Eve Bunting to hook my middle school students into enjoying reading at the beginning of every new school year.
  34. I give books as baby shower gifts, because every child deserves their own books.
  35. I donate to Project Night Night every year because not only do they help homeless children, but they provide a book in each care package.
  36. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg is one of my favorite picture books.
  37. I love to read blog posts.
  38. I do not love to read emails.
  39. I sometimes love to read tweets.
  40. I love discovering a new author and then devouring all of his/her work, in chronological order.
  41. This year, for Christmas, I gave everyone on my staff a picture book I picked out specifically for them.
  42. In middle and high school I was obsessed with Stephen King (and Danielle Steele!).
  43. I have a pile of books I’d like to read in my house, in my office, and on my e-reader.
  44. I exchange gift cards to buy books with many friends and family members- I love being surrounded by readers!
  45. Once I became a reading teacher, I found value in writing thoughts in my books as I read and now do it all the time. I love marginalia!
  46. One of my favorite reading memories centers around the week I spent in NYC attending the Teachers’ College Reading Workshop with my partner teacher and good friend.
  47. I hate to throw away magazines and professional journals, even after I’ve read them. I save them thinking I will remember to try the great ideas inside (which rarely happens!).
  48. My father, brother, and I have had a tradition of reading The Polar Express every Christmas Eve since that beautiful book was first published.

I will continue to brainstorm for this list.  It was such fun to get this much captured!

Please play along in the comments with some facts about you as a reader!

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