Things I’m Loving Friday

Many of the healthy living bloggers I follow often post weekly editions of things they are loving. You can see examples of their posts here and here. I thought I would try it out, with a leadership and learning spin to it.

Things I’m Loving Right Now:

  • Elena Aguilar’s resources – I can’t compliment this coach, writer, and leader enough! I’ve already written about her book, The Art of Coaching, which I am using as a book study with the coaches in my district. In addition to her book, her website and blog are additional resources that I use on a regular basis. Sometimes I go searching for a specific support, like a protocol for discussing a text, and I find it.  Other times I just explore and I find amazing ideas I didn’t even know I needed! From her website/ book I recently rediscovered this great resource…
  • National School Reform Faculty– This is an amazing resource for professional development. You can find protocols, guides on facilitation, articles, professional readings, etc., to support your work with adult learners. I recently used the Three Levels of Text Protocol and it supported amazing, reflective conversations where coaches were able to connect their specific work to the text we were discussing (Aguilar’s, of course!).
  • Outlook calendars – This may seem odd, but let me explain! At work we all have Outlook and access to see anyone’s calendar. This makes it so easy to schedule meetings with groups of people. It also makes it convenient to know whether or not someone truly “has a minute” if you happen to drop by their office at a certain time.  Since I schedule a lot of team meetings, site visits, and other collaborations, AND since I am insanely organized when it comes to my own calendar and schedule, I appreciate this tool.
  • Blogs! – I have written this blog for a year and a half now and have read leadership and learning blogs even longer than that. But lately I have found a renewed passion for my own writing and new joy in reading the work of others. I think, like so many things in our lives, when we get busy we have to prioritize.  Finding the purpose in what we do with our time matters. When I have a purpose for reading or writing blogs, I enjoy them even more. My purposes for my writing are about reflecting on my own journey and my desire to share that publicly and to connect more with my colleagues near and far. My reading purposes have shifted to not just learning about good ideas, but reading as a writer for blog inspirations, and also reading as a curator. I send a weekly update to my coaches and I enjoy sharing relevant resources with them.

What are you loving right now?

What helps or inspires you as a leader and a learner?

What blogs are you loving?

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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10 Responses to Things I’m Loving Friday

  1. Barb says:

    Right now…
    I am loving my Crafting Digital Writing book by Troy Hicks. Each time I go to it, I find new information I needed. I am also loving the fact that it is Friday and I get a chance to have lunch with my coworkers.

    As a learner I am inspired by the passion and dedication I see in the teachers in my district. It reminds me of how hard teachers work every day, and inspires me to learn how to be an effective educational leader.

    I don’t have one specific blog I am loving, but I love my time at the end of each day to scroll through my Feedly screens and read about learning, writing, leadership, and art. I love words and have a few blogs I enjoy just for the humor and word play.

    Thanks for the thinking prompt!

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