Happy 1st Birthday!

My blog is one year old! It is hard to believe that I began this journey 365 days ago, soon after attending #ISTE12. When I began this blog, I didn’t have a goal in mind. All I knew is that I was impressed by all the bloggers I met or heard speak at ISTE and I knew this was something I could do.  I wanted to sit in the Blogger’s Cafe and actually have a clue what people were talking about!

My sunflower cake

For many years, I had been thinking about working on my writing. I always thought I would write a young adolescent novel (which I may still do someday!) or a book on coaching teachers (still a possibility!).  As a teacher, I constantly worked on my own reading and writing craft, filling up journals with my ideas and models for lessons with my students.  However, I never considered a blog.

After one year of random blogging, I am glad I made this leap! I enjoy taking the time to reflect on various aspects of our profession. I have learned about myself, about blogging itself, and about harnessing my voice. I still don’t have any big goals in mind for the future. I won’t commit to publishing a certain number of blogs because my schedule changes so much throughout the year. During my lighter summer schedule I have been able to get a few extra blogs written and ready to share, which has been a nice change! I would like to write more often, but I feel it is more important to write when I have something worth saying, not to hit publish for the sake of quantity.

Thank you to anyone who is reading this and who has read any other posts over the last year. I appreciate the time you take out of your schedule to read, comment, tweet, or share my random thoughts. I look forward to another great year of learning and reflecting!  The possibilities are endless…


About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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7 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. Sheila Krotz says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! You inspire me!

  2. Happy Bday #1! .keep on sharing 😀

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