What I’m reading these days

Since I am doing a TON of reading for my three doctoral courses this, leaving little time to write new posts lately, I decided to share some quick thoughts on what I am reading.

School Leadership that Works by Marzano, Waters and McNulty
Chapter 4- The 21 Responsibilities of a Leader- really resonated with me on this reading. If leaders were intentional about the 21 responsibilities listed here, especially when confronting change and new initiatives (as chapter 5 addresses), we would have even more successful schools with more leadership capacity at all levels.

My favorite line: “Deep changes require deep learning, and leaders must build teacher learning into the everyday fabric of school life.”

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander
What a fascinating read and a new way of thinking for me!  The book walks the reader through 12 practices recommended for reframing your thinking, seeing the positive, and getting the most out of your own life.

My favorite lines: “Draw a different frame around the same set of circumstances and new pathways come into view.”  “The practice of giving the A allows the teacher to line up with her students in their efforts to produce the outcome, rather than lining up with the standards against these students.”

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the World  by Daniel Pink

An interesting look at right versus left-brained thinking and why we need to use both sides of our brains to make life better.

My favorite line: “But America’s test-happy system also has several weaknesses that are only recently being acknowledged.”

Pathways to the Common Core: Accelerating Achievement by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth & Christopher Lehman

We are discussing this as a book club within my department at work.  This is a great text that leads a team through the rethinking necessary to make significant transitions in order to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards.

My favorite line: “… ask whether your students are conversing in equally analytic, text-based ways.  You might consider how your school can recommit itself to teaching high-level comprehension skills through read-aloud and accountable talk.”

Have also read or started:

  • Who Moved My Cheese- Dr. Spencer Johnson
  • The APA Manual
  • Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation – Glatthorn and Joyner
  • Leaders of Learning- DuFour and Marzano

What are you reading and enjoying?  Discuss.  🙂

About Amy's Reflections

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Southern CA, taking time to reflect on leadership and learning
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9 Responses to What I’m reading these days

  1. I’m glad that you are enjoying the reading as well. I favor some books more than others, but I am pleased overall. I have already used Marzano’s quote about leadership: The definition of a true leader is not of someone looking out the window to see who can solve the problem, but looking in the mirror and saying, “I can do that”.

  2. Sheila, I love that quote too- great one! I’m glad to be on this learning journey with you!

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